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Crystal Healing Room
Receive Universal Life Force Energy from many of our natural healing elements by Meditation or Reiki
Meet Mother Earth
This "Tree of Life" became a labor of love for us. Blossoming into Mother Earth and interpretation and inspiration for you all to experience.
Energy is Alive
It's No Ordinary Crystal Shop!
It's hard to deny that energy is all around us - all the time. When you are open, you are open to receive, when that happens anything and everything is possible. 

Let me tell you a story about this crystal shop called River's Edge
Crystals in St. Charles, the ending may surprise you. Why you ask?
This is why;
Stacy Chandler(owner) had her own prior business called,
"Stacy's Place of Healing. While her office was in Naperville,  she was often travling to do energy clearings on homes and doing guests readings in different shops. One of these shops just happened to be "Crystal River Gifts" in Elgin, IL. 
When the opportunity presented itself to purchase the contents of that store and following her guidance, Stacy knew this was the beginning of something amazing. In addition to that, the storefront at 303 N. 2nd Street in St. Charles was just the perfect location to start this new venture. 
River's Edge Crystals offers you more than just shopping for that unique gift or healing vibration from a crystal you were looking for. There is jewelry, himalayan salt lamps, smudging tools, candles, essential oils and tons more. And if you don't know much about crystals and how they can aid in your health and healing that's perfectly okay! You don't have to to know, you just have to be open to the possiblity. Trust your intuition, when you walk into River's Edge Crystals take a moment to be attracted to something. Notice the color, the size, the shape, it's texture and pick it up and place it in your hand. See if you can feel it's vibration,  it's frequency. You may feel heat, tingling or nothing at all. It's about the experience. Then after all that, read the card and it's Healing Lore. You may surprise yourself that it was exactly what you were looking for!
Now,  behind the retail part of the store there is a Crystal Healing Room. Behind the Crystal Healing Room is another amazing space in which Psychic Readings, Energy Healings, Reiki Healing, Crystal Bowl Meditation, Intuitive Classes and where Crystal Surgery is held. Want to know more? See our "
Services " page

Upcoming Events

    Mindful Meditation
    EVERY WEDNESDAY Mindful Meditation: setting an intention, focusing on the breath, relaxation, release and Reiki Healing Energy just for you. Feel free to bring your yoga mat or however you will be comfortable for an hour. We do have zero gravity chairs available at no extra cost if you would like. You are also welcome to bring your favorite crystal with you for additional healing. There will be gentle sounds of meditation music as you are lead on your journey to heal your mind body and spirit. Please arrive by 7pm as to not disturb the class and we all can join as one. $20
  2. Starting Sept 15 EVERY FRIDAY AT 12:00PM - 12:45PM
    Crystal Bowl Sound Meditation
    Come join us at River's Edge Crystals in St. Charles for a Noontime Crystal Bowl Meditation Concert to just feel great. No hard sell, just show up, we have zero gravity chairs available for you(at no extra cost), yoga mats or anything else that makes you comfortable. Of and leave feeling great. Mike McGuigan is amazingly talented and the intuitive ability to play for you. $20/45min E